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In the heart of the estate, in a quiet corner of the park, under the pines and overlooking the Roman countryside hills, sits our Limonaia.

The doors of the greenhouse open onto an enchanted space, where lemon trees cover the entire surface, and the scent of lemon blossoms spreads through the air.

The tables, built around lemon vases, offer a unique perspective on this environment.


Thanks to our technological system, the roof and walls of the structure can be opened or closed automatically, allowing diners to enjoy the summer breeze or quickly close if necessary.

Antonio Carneroli18.jpg

The relaxing atmosphere and evocative setting of the greenhouse create an ideal setting for sharing special moments with friends and family.

The Limonaia is the best place to immerse in the food and wine experience of Le 7 Fonti. The dishes, prepared by our Chef with top quality and local ingredients, offer a well-balanced explosion of flavors that puts the ingredient first.

Ultimately, dining in the Limonaia is more than just a meal: it is an experience that involves all the senses, transporting participants into a world of natural and culinary beauty.

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