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A reason of pride of our business is our internal cooking service, which offers excellence in the performance of the food and wine sector for events organized at Le 7 Fonti and outside.

The academy has a real culinary philosophy that puts the quality of ingredients, seasonality and respect for flavors first. Rita and her chefs study different menus for each season that combine tradition and innovation to create unique dishes, worthy of a special occasion.


The menus designed by our chefs are continually renewed with the aim of offering guests an experience with a unique flavour. Each dish is the result of a work of excellence and passion to enhance the wonderful ingredients of our country.



Desserts are usually the last taste from the kitchen, therefore the last 'gastronomic memory' of the event.

It is therefore very important that they are up to the standard of the meal.


Our Pastry Chef specifically prepares all the desserts, from shortcrust pastries to creams, to guarantee the maximum freshness and fragrance.

Wedding cakes are prepared during the course of the event for the same reason.

Sponge cake, shortcrust pastry, cream, maritozzi, tiramisu... and many other Italian pastry desserts will be the perfect after-dinner surprise for your guests.

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