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Our estate, surrounded by the woods, is located in a charming setting, just outside of Rome.

With fountains, lakes, tree-lined avenues, the swimming pool, the amphitheater, the house in the woods, and the greenhouse, is the perfect setting for every event.

Our traditional Italian cooking school, "A Casa Di Rita",  located in the estate, offers Italian food and wine excellence. 

We are also able to accommodate the guests in apartments just outside of our venue, in a charming typical Italian country house.




La Limonaia is a greenhouse room: the round wooden tables are built around big lemon trees, which become part of the table. The possibility to open and close the roof automatically makes this room suitable for any event and allows you to dine under the stars, without worries.


Le Grotte, caves dug into the tuff, are found under the Limonaia. They offer the perfect setting for tastings of all kinds: wines and cheeses, cigars and rums, liqueurs, rum and chocolate. Use it for evocative moments in the soft light of candles, to amaze the guests with a surprise, or to create a magical moment.


The outdoor theater, surrounded by a hill of ancient olive trees, is particularly suited for ceremonies. The guests, sitten on the stands, will be the frame in an exclusive and intimate atmosphere, and the perfect acoustics will create unique emotions. Also ideal to host iconic moments, such as the wedding cake first cut. 


Lo Chalet, located inside a luminous oak forest, is entirely made with glass and wood. It can be used by the newlyweds as a wedding suite, to spend the night inside of a fairytale. Due to his uniqueness, it was often used as a location for photoshoots, movies, and tv series.


The Pool, with its infinity pools and the sculptural groups that frame it, is extremely particular. From here, you can enjoy panoramic views over the Veio hills and our swan lake. Perfect for hosting a welcome corner, perhaps with a glass of strawberries and champagne, some fruit or sangria.


This avenue, entirely covered with wisteria, crosses the estate. Guests walk along it to reach the theater, observing the beautiful view of the park and the Roman countryside. In April, when the wisteria is in bloom, it really gives a unique emotion, covering itself with lilac and white petals.


r e s e a r c h   a n d   p a s s i o n 

exclusive catering of the "A Casa di Rita" Italian Cooking School

Our traditional Italian cooking school offers its services to events organized at Le 7 Fonti. We do not rely on external services because we like to be able to guarantee a quality service in our spaces. The academy has a culinary philosophy that puts the quality of ingredients, seasonality and respect for flavors first. Rita and her chefs study different menus for each season that combine tradition and innovation to create unique dishes worthy of a special occasion.


a   u n i q u e  p l a c e

for the wedding night, as a movie location and much more

Exclusively for our spouses, we offer the chance to stay in the Chalet. Built of wood and glass among oak trees, when you are inside it seems to hang in the air like in a real treehouse. It has a large living room with a fireplace, a double bedroom and a wooden terrace. It offers the unique experience of waking up between the lights and shadows of the leaves, immersed in the woods.

w e   b u i l d   y o u r   i d e a s  

some of our offers

Our goal is to please our guests, and build their dreams: we guide them step by step in the event set-up project, from the search for an inspiration style to the building of the installation itself. We deal with any type of decoration: supports, bouquets, the setting of the buffet, floral compositions, cakes created and designed by Rita, tableau de mariage, thematic corners, mise en place... all that creativity suggests us in order to listen, help and guide guests in the designing of the perfect event.



for our present, past and future spouses and for anyone curious about the way we work


some of our newlyweds' reviews


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"Green is the main color of the world, from which its beauty is born"